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Patients Love Us

"Dr. Siona and his staff are friendly and caring. After my first visit, my entire family has changed dentists and we are all really happy with the change. Dr. Siona is the closest to a painless dentist that I have ever been to. His main concern is his patients' health. He and all of the people who work in his office are dedicated to giving everyone the best care possible. I would recommend Dr. Siona to everyone. He gave me back my smile!"


"I have my pretty smile again thanks to Dr. M and his staff. I have suffered for 12 years with bad teeth. I received a full set of dentures with no more pain. Dr. M and his staff put you at ease and definately care about your comfort and happiness with procedures. They also have financial programs so no one is left behind. Dr. M has changed my life with my new natural looking smile. After having extractions you leave the office with your new dentures! You are never without teeth! I highly recommend Grand Valley Dentures and Implants."


"I truly think that God placed this dentist in my life for a reason. I am deathly scared of dentists and the first time I went in, I was trembling. Dr. Siona made me feel so comfortable, and I have had about 4 appointments and I have to say, this is a blessing for me. I go in and I am happy and I know this dentist will take care of me. Thank you Dr. Siona for having me as a patient, and thank you staff for being so nice and doing your job so wonderful!!!!"